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Security Applications and Technologies maintains an exceptional level of service and support to campus departments, satellite facilities and corporate partners. To effectively manage and quickly resolve the help requests and technical inquires of our clients, we have provided a variety of online information to aid our customers in finding answers through self-help and assisted-help tools. SAT’s online Training and Resources section ensures that our customers always have rapid and accurate responses to their questions through specifications, forms, procedures and short videos. If you are unable to address a problem successfully using these tools or have a question that is not answered through our online support and help, please contact us at or through our Contact page.

Rules and Regulations

The Division of Environmental Health and Public Safety is responsible for the coordination, approval, and management of campus wide electronic security systems installed for the purpose of protecting the safety and property of the University. As part of this division, Security Applications & Technologies works along with Environmental Health and Public Safety to ensure that all aspects of campus-wide electronic security management systems are functional and compatible with existing standardized infrastructure. The following directives establish general requirements for all university colleges and departments relating to the purchase, installation, and operation of electronic security.

NCSU REG 04.05.03: Electronic Security Management System (SMS) (LinkWord Doc)


  • Issued by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business


  • First Issued: January 27, 2009.

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Contact Info:

  • Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Environmental Health and Public Safety (919) 515-4238.

Metrics and Stats

Results from the NCSU Campus Police Department 2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey

The following questions ask about a variety of issues related to the NC State University Campus Police Department and safety at NC State. Participants were asked to base responses on their own experiences as well as what they have seen and heard.


Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Student patrol officers help make the campus safer 23.5% 64.3% 9.3% 2.9%
There are serious crimes on campus 16.6% 48.0% 32.0% 3.4%

Below is a list of conditions on campus that could lead to security problems. Participants rated how problematic they saw each in terms of being a security risk at N.C. State.


Very Serious Problem
Somewhat Serious
Not Very Serious
Not At All Serious
Doors propped open 23.4% 38.5% 29.6% 8.6%
Unauthorized people in campus buildings or portions of buildings 32.4% 40.5% 22.3% 4.8%
Vagrants, trespassers, panhandlers, etc. on campus 36.6%


21.8% 4.9%
Open and/or unlocked doors or windows 21.4% 40.0% 32.5% 6.0%

In which of the following increased security measures would you willingly participate or support at N.C. State?

Security Measure

Wearing an ID card while on campus 40.9% 59.1%
Use of electronic cards to access buildings 79.2% 20.8%
Use of television cameras to augment security in the common areas inside buildings 69.9% 30.1%
Locking outside doors thereby restricting access to only a few doors per buildings 58.3% 41.7%
Restricting access to the campus of outsiders during certain hours 64.4% 35.6%
Increased lighting outside buildings 94.2% 5.8%