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About Us

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Security Applications and Technologies (SAT) consults, designs, integrates and maintains the network of security technologies at NC State University.

SAT is a department of Environmental Health and Public Safety and is focused on creating and maintaining a safe, secure environment for people to teach, learn, live, work and enjoy activities across campus.

We serve and support our colleges and departments, other UNC System schools, satellite facilities and corporate partners by implementing a comprehensive, strategic approach to campus safety and security.

What We Do

One example of our commitment is that NC State is the first university in the nation with a Security Master Plan. SAT works with a multitude of campus departments to implement controlled, secure access to facilities, security stanchions and other security measures across the campus. The University Police Department utilizes SAT security technologies data in their forensic investigations.

Our services include:

  Site assessment and vulnerability analysis
  Security system design and project management
  Support and maintenance of deployed security equipment
  Physical security data administration
  Vetting and implementation of new security technologies

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As part of our mission, we’re a national leader in working with technology companies to shape next-generation solutions. SAT has developed an enterprise security management system that integrates security technologies such as video, door access, burglar/panic alarms, emergency communication, and other emerging security technologies with the idea that we can monitor, maintain and provide a higher level of security through integrated systems.

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Proactively Protecting the Pack

It’s our job to think about campus safety and security every day – and more broadly than you might expect.