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Security Master Plan

Executive Summary


North Carolina State University (NC State) is committed to maintaining an open campus environment that is also safe for students, faculty, staff and visitors – a commitment that requires seamless support through well-designed policies and practices, as well as robust security infrastructure.

NC State created the first Security Master Plan in 2015, a unified, comprehensive strategy to enhance university security.

This 2023 Security Master Plan provides an updated strategic, operational, and resource management tool to guide NC State as it expands the security on campus. This plan offers a contemporary look at NC State’s security practices and infrastructure. It details updated goals and strategies, as well as an implementation plan and budget to achieve key elements of the program’s vision.

Proactively Protecting the Pack

This Security Master Plan 

  • Reaffirms a commitment to the goals established in the 2015 plan
  • Assesses the university’s progress toward meeting those goals
  • Details the resources needed to further implement previously identified security strategies and address new initiatives

NC State meets the challenges of Proactively Protecting the Pack by incorporating security measures into every facet of university life.