Security Master Plan

Security Master Plan

Executive Summary


As part of its ongoing commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, North Carolina State University (NC State) has conducted a security audit of campus infrastructure, buildings, facilities, and open spaces. The Security Master Plan 2015-2019 provides a unified, comprehensive strategy to enhance university security.

The Plan provides strategic and operational directives designed to mitigate existing security risks, educate the campus community, and deter criminal behavior. The Plan also provides a risk management strategy that can be used to maintain a safe and secure environment as university infrastructure and facilities evolve over time.

Managing New Regulations, Growth, and Use of Security Technologies

In an effort to strengthen security on university campuses, the U.S. Congress has passed several pieces of legislation over the past decade stipulating new regulations, policies, and reporting practices. This new legislation requires close coordination among multiple programs and offices, meticulous data collection, diligent reporting of incidents, adoption of new policies and procedures, training mandates, and upgrades to security technologies and infrastructure.

Regulations and Rules

In addition, over the past several years NC State has adopted practices and implemented programs to enhance security on campus. Significant growth over the last decade in both the population and the campus physical environment has resulted in the need to more efficiently manage security resources to establish a coordinated, effective security program. It is important to develop a sustainable and scalable financial model to support the investment in security personnel, technologies, and infrastructure to meet evolving campus security needs.

The Security Master Plan

This Security Master Plan enables the university to develop a comprehensive strategy to enhance security on campus.

The Plan provides:

  • A targeted assessment of security at NC State.
  • A strategic plan to protect university property and enhance the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • A 5-year implementation plan, including budget and timeline Key Recommendations.

The Security Master Plan identifies five key goals targeted to enhance security at NC State:

  • #1: Centrally manage security risk.
  • #2: Enhance security awareness through community engagement and education.
  • #3: Integrate security into planning, design, construction, and facilities operations.
  • #4: Implement measures to protect higher-risk areas and building perimeters.
  • #5: Enhance the security of campus perimeter and outdoor spaces.

The Security Master Plan

Based on quantitative data, risk assessments, and extensive interviews with members of the university community, it provides a comprehensive roadmap for NC State to further its security initiatives.