Our Team

Our Team

Scott McInturf - Profile Image

Scott McInturf

Lisa Wiley - Profile Image

Lisa Wiley

Business Officer
Stephanie Collins - Profile Image

Stephanie Collins

Accounting Technician
Jason Singletary - Profile Image

Jason Singletary

Operations Manager
Jeff Robbins - Profile Image

Jeff Robbins

Project Manager
Manny Guzman- Profile Image

Emanuel ‘Manny’ Guzman

Project Manager
Bill Pulver - Profile Image

Bill Pulver

Tech Customer Support
Will Butler - Profile Image

Will Butler

Application Support Engineer
Eric VanNewkirk - Profile Image

Eric VanNewkirk

Application Support Engineer
Andrew Atterberry - Profile Image

Andrew Atterbury

Application Administrator

Kevin Kwon

Application Administrator

Eric Fox

Security Technician Supervisor
Jon Ray - Profile Image

Jon Ray

Security Technician

Chris Vogler

Security Technician

Eddie Gadson

Security Technician

Dylan Quick

Security Technician
Shawn Taylor - Profile Image

Shawn Taylor

IT Manager
Wallace Frist - Profile Image

Wallace Frist

Systems Engineer

Michel Boerenkamp

Systems Administrator

Jeremy Gibson


John Champion

Front-End Developer

Ryan Semmler


Tanya Dubey

Student – Developer

Anisha Chazhoor

Student – Developer

Our Former Student Workers

Shefali Agarwal - Profile Image

Shefali Agarwal

Profile Picture of Srijani Hariraman

Srijani Hariraman

Limeng Zhu - Profile Image

Limeng Zhu

Kalyan Ghosh - Profile Image

Kalyan Ghosh

Sathwick Goparapu - Profile Image

Sathwick Goparapu

Sri Sai Bhargav Tiruveedhula

Profile Picture of Madhav Bhatt

Madhav Bhatt

Salvatore Camassa - Profile Image

Salvatore Camassa

Anis Basak - Profile Image

Anis Basak

Sneha Aradhey

Student - Programmer