Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions - Electronic Openings

Electronic Openings  

Electronic Openings are unmanned entry solutions that allow access upon authorization and digital credentials and the convenience of locking and unlocking on a predetermined schedule. It provides audit, reporting, and system forensics capabilities while eliminating the costs for manual keys, key tracking and rekeying.

Technology Solutions - Electronic Inventory Management

Electronic Inventory Management  

Electronic Inventory Management manages and audits the use of keys and essential assets. It ensures that only authorized persons with digital credentials have access to the keys or other tracked assets. Electronic management increases accountability, provides an audit of key/asset issuance and return, and includes reporting and system forensics capabilities. Key cabinets, lockers, storage cabinets, and armories are some of the applications.

Technology Solutions - Video Surveillance

Video Solutions  

Video Solutions provides an additional layer of security, allowing for visual verification, real-time and archived, of activity at strategic points around campus. It provides a passive audit at building entries, is used proactively in loss prevention, provides construction views and contributes information in forensic investigations.

Technology Solutions - 2 Way Communications

2 Way Communications  

Two way intercom communications provide additional security at points of entry and in elevators among other applications. Real-time two way communications paired with video at Security Stanchions enhances incident review and response.