Security Applications and Technologies (SAT) provides the full range of services related to security technologies on campus.

Whether you’re planning a major renovation, want to enhance security at a lab door or anything in between, we encourage you to contact us and request a consult. Discussing your current security needs and circumstances are the first step in designing a tailored solution. We can provide a general cost estimate for budget purposes and/or a detailed formal proposal.

Perhaps you’re wondering how your building stacks up against the university security standards or want a formal proposal in hand in anticipation of funding. Both are good reasons to request a consult.

SAT handles the project management for security installations, whether we perform the work in-house or manage external, vetted security integrators. Project scope can range from adding electronic access at a single door to a comprehensive security installation in a new building. And once the equipment is installed, we maintain it.

Check out the Technology Solutions for examples of security equipment and services.