Building Liaison Access Request Form

This form is intended for use only by Building Liaisons. If you are a student and are requiring access to a building, please contact your Building Liaison before submitting this form.

If you do not know who is the liaison for your building, please contact someone within your department. All access requests have to be submitted through the Security Liaison. Please feel free to contact the SAT Help Desk for additional information.

Guideline for Requesting Access

Prox ID numbers are 6-digit numbers found on the back of the ID card and begin with '4*'. These are required to confirm that the card issued by the WolfOne Card Office matches the information that has been entered into the system.

This image shows a WolfOne card with the Prox ID number of 165972.

For a single person, please enter in the required information directly.

For multiple people, please fill out the Access Request File Template. Once completed, upload the file using the Access Request File Upload to the right.

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