Electronic Inventory Management

Electronic Inventory Management

Electronic Inventory Management manages and audits the use of keys and essential assets. It ensures that only authorized persons with digital credentials have access to the keys or other tracked assets. Electronic management increases accountability, provides an audit of key/asset issuance and return, and includes reporting and system forensics capabilities. Key cabinets, lockers, storage cabinets, and armories are some of the applications.

Electronic management - Key Management Cabinets

Key Management Cabinets

Keys remain a vital part of any security solution while managing them can be challenging and costly. Who has which keys? Once the keys are handed out, how secure are they? As people and roles change how are keys returned? How can rekeying expenses be minimized?

Electronic key management systems, access control for keys, simplify and enhance this process. Unlike simply handing someone a key, these systems easily track who checks out which key. They also capture the date and time it is checked out and returned. They are quick and easy to use – both to check out and to return keys. Once access is assigned, those needing keys can take action without involving other staff. This significantly decreases the time, cost and hassle of using keys. These systems also provide audit, reporting and forensic capabilities improving key administration functions. And they maintain secure storage of the keys themselves.

Electronic management - Storage Lockers and Cabinets

Storage Lockers and Cabinets

Keys are just one use for electronic storage management. Lockers and storage cabinets offer the same benefits for larger items. Electronic access to the locker or cabinet includes control, audit and reporting features, as well as secure storage. It provides real-time information about whether an item is available.

Should it be unavailable, there is the accountability of knowing when and to whom it is checked out. Laptops, test equipment, tools, armoires and some of the items that can be managed electronically.