Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact after business hours?

After business hours, evenings, weekends and holidays, please call the SAT Helpdesk 919-513-3111 and select option 1 to reach a SAT On-Call Technician. Phone calls are monitored 24/7. The email should be used for issues that can wait until the next business day.

How can I get card access at a building or at a particular door?

Building and departmental Security Liaisons serve as contacts between the university community and the SAT Helpdesk. For building exterior or interior door access, contact the Security Liaison for that site. He/she will determine whether the request is valid based upon the security procedures in place for that area. The Security Liaison(s) then contact the SAT Helpdesk at to request the appropriate clearance(s) be assigned. Student access for a specific classroom or lab usually is handled between the professor teaching the course and the appropriate Security Liaison.

How can I change a door schedule?

Door schedules can be changed at the request of the appropriate building Security Liaison. Security Liaisons email door lock schedule changes to the SAT Helpdesk at If you are not the security liaison, submit your request to that Liaison and he/she will forward them on to Security Applications & Technologies. For emergency after hours requests call the SAT Helpdesk at 919-513-3111 and select option 1 to reach a SAT On-Call Technician.

Who do I contact if something is broken?

If a security panel, surveillance camera, or card access on campus is not functioning properly or seems to be broken, please notify Security Applications & Technologies by phone 919-513-3111 or email

How long will it take a technician to arrive for maintenance/repairs?

Our stated maintenance contract response time is within 8 business hours. In practice, technicians are dispatched as quickly as possible.

How do I get new security equipment priced and installed?

The security equipment installation cost depends upon several factors including the type of equipment and variables at the site where it is being installed. Please contact the SAT Help Desk by email at or phone 919-513-3111 with a general description of the work or project. That information will be sent to our SAT Project Manager, who will follow up in more detail. A job site walk through will be scheduled, if needed. If you wish to proceed after the initial discussion, a written project quote will be prepared for your review. Once the quote has been approved the work will be scheduled.

Who do I contact if there's an accidental activation of the security system?

In the event of an accidental activation of the security system, please contact Campus Police 919-515-3000.

Who do I contact if there's a suspected burglary?

In the event of a burglary on Campus, please contact Campus Police 919-515-3000.

What do I do if I lose my Wolfpack One Card?

Report lost ID cards to the Wolfpack One Card Office in person or by phone at 919-515-3090 Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. During evening and weekend hours, students may report lost cards online at The Meal Plan or Dining Dollars account will be frozen immediately. The Wolfpack One Card Services Office also has programmed all of the readers in University Dining locations so that students may go to any dining location that is open and report their card lost. To deactivate a pre-paid debit Master Card contact US Bank Customer Service at 1-855-613-9098. Replacement cards are $20 each.

If you have electronic door access available using your ID card, also notify the SAT Helpdesk at or 919-513-3111 so that your access can be disabled. Once your card is found or replaced notify the SAT Helpdesk a second time to have your access enabled. The access is not enabled automatically if a replacement card is issued.

How do I get a Wolfpack One Card?

For NCSU students, faculty and staff, to obtain a Wolfpack One Card student ID you must be officially enrolled in classes at NC State or be an NCSU faculty or staff member. ID cards are requested on line at They are issued at the Wolfpack One Card Services office, located in the West Dunn Bldg., 2901 Thurman Drive at Dan Allen Drive. Their office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Additional information, including the online ID card request form with options for Departmental and Contractor ID cards, is available at

How can I request surveillance footage?

If the incident requires investigation by campus police or is criminal in nature, please report the incident to campus police and they will request the associated video as part of the police investigation. The departmental representative filing the police report can also request that SAT archive associated video on behalf of the department and campus police as a precaution. Incidents that are departmental in nature can be requested directly from SAT by sending an email to or by calling 919-513-3111. Departmental requests are handled during regular business hours.

Who is the Building Security Liaison?

Security Liaisons are designated by Colleges and Departments to serve as contacts between the university community and the SAT Helpdesk. If you are unable to determine a particular building's Security Liaison contact the SAT Helpdesk and 919-513-3111.